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Dead centres with CARBIDOR®-M coating

The driving coating

CARBIDOR® is tungsten carbide based coating especially developed to drive workpieces. The coating can be applied to all hard tool steels and particularly features wear resistance, high coefficient of friction and low coating thickness. CARBIDOR® is applied to enhance friction between workpiece and clamping tool. In this case almost all shapes can be coated. To drive by a workpiece centre, the centre must be ≥ 4x2 mm. The axial pressure should be as high as possible.CARBIDOR® coated tool steel dead centres are used for gear cutting, fine turning, finishing, measuring/inspection.

CARBIDOR® features: Permanent connection with the carrier material, impact resistant. Hardness 74–78 HRC, coating thickness approx. 25 μm. 
In case of wear recoating is possible.
Surface roughness Rz: CARBIDOR®-F Rz 15 -17μm, CARBIDOR®-M Rz 19-22μm, CARBIDOR®-G Rz 29-33μm

CARBIDOR® coating is applicable to BRUCKNER standard tool steel dead centres and tool steel dead centres in special design.
All soft and hardened components of tool steel and stainless steel, jaws, spheres, collets etc. can be coated.

Please pay attention to our safety tips for process reliability of driving coatings.

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