BRUCKNER carbide dead centres – the benchmark

Due to their superior roundness and high product quality BRUCKNER dead centres set the benchmark in terms of economic efficiency and productivity. Our know-how, our experience and our background in the high precision manufacture of our centres guarantee the features of our own products at the highest level.

In BRUCKNER solid carbide dead centres (forms V, GV, Z, GZ and HZ) with a carbide diameter of 20 to 45 mm the safety core sa•co® is integrated. If there is a fissure in the joint between carbide and base material, e.g. caused by operating or handling errors, sa•co® prevents the carbide point with the mounted workpiece from slipping. Thus high consequential costs are avoided.


on carbide ≤ 0.8 µm

2Top-quality carbides

safely fixed in the base material

3SA•CO®– the safety core

maximum safety through the integrated safety core

4Regrinding line

marking the useful end of the centre

5Hardened taper shank

the taper is case hardened for protection from damage

6Taper shank tolerance

deviation of taper AT4 to DIN 228 (gauge accuracy).

Choose the form of the centre

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